Monday, 4 March 2013

The Miserable Hatter's Lunch Party

There it was. All I wanted was soup, but in addition I also got a newly developed hatred. And it developed with quite some rapidity. I didn't dislike the waiter. I didn't dislike the hat. But I loathed the manager the moment I saw a member of his staff wearing a giant blue top hat with protruding rabbit ears.

I had innocently gone for lunch at a Pizza Hut in China (I live there, I didn't visit from England just for the sake of a noon meal) . If I had been at a restaurant in Disneyland I could perhaps see the reasoning in it. But as it was, the garish headgear seemed to be a highly unnecessary indignity foisted upon the poor man. (No, he did not appear to be happy).

According to my estimations, most people determine to go Pizza Hut or similar establishments because they want pizza and/or overpriced western food. I doubt a factor in their decision making includes the sentiment 'Let's go to that place for dinner tonight, you know, the place with the guy wearing a stupid hat under duress'.

I did not meet the manager, but I can't escape the assumption that he told his employee to wear the thematically isolated attire more out of relish at the exercise of his/her own authority rather than for any real use. Is it not enough that he has to wait on people? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if you have to work as a waiter, Pizza Hut is a good place to do so, but I don't think the job needs any further cons.

So, if you enjoyed a meal at your local Pizza Hut, without enforced tomfoolery, or if you work at such an establishment which doesn't make you debase yourself in public; be thankful, and spare a thought for... Well, I didn't see his name tag, I was too distracted by The Hat.

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